My Story

Ivorie first found Yoga because it was a mandatory requirement by her employer that she take Bikram Yoga once a week. An educated guess says she did not work for an accounting firm! On the contrary, Ivorie has been dancing professionally since graduating college where she made the tough decision that she was not ready to trade in her leotards and leg warmers for pencil skirts and cardigans. With the demanding rehearsal and performance schedule of a professional dancer, Yoga soon evolved from a requirement to a refuge, a friend and a much needed pre-performance sanctuary.

After 7 years a student, Ivorie made the transition into teaching. Then the bug bit! Within one year, Ivorie completed a 40hr pre-natal training, a 200hr HotYoga training and Annie Carpenter's SmartFLOW 300hour training. It was during Annie Carpenter's training that Yoga began to shift from the physical to the sacred.

As an instructor, Ivorie is inspired by her loves of movement and human connection. Her career as a dancer gives her a keen eye to identify how different bodies interpret Yoga asana. Ivorie's classes are physically challenging with focus on alignment and core strength. Yet, since a big part of Yoga is finding Sattva (balance), she also encourages a more subtle inquiry of how all this hard work ultimately leads to inner calm and contentment.

Most importantly, Ivorie recognizes that she is a teacher sometimes and a student all the time. This drives her to continue studying and practicing to have more to bring back to her students!