What level of experience does my practice need to be at for the yoga classes?

This retreat assumes you have some background in hatha/vinyasa practice. It is not suitable for a first time practioner.

What is the schedule like?

Typical day, coffee and fruit served at 7 am. Morning class at 9 am, post class smoothie. The middle part of the day is all yours to explore the beaches take an excursion etc. We’ll have an afternoon class typically some sort of workshop from Yin to Inversions, from 5 pm to 6 15 pm. Dinners will be scheduled at 7:30 pm

What is the food like?

The big picture the retreat will focus on lots of organic faire and fish, no poultry no meat.

The breakfasts are healthy and light. We are providing 4 of the lunches allowing an opportunity to explore the local food scene on 1 day. One of the lunches will be take place on a private beach about a 20-minute walk from the hotel. Another will be a boxed organic vegan lunch to take to the beach or wherever you might be headed. Two will be a buffet at the hotel, featuring local seafood and cold choices. Three dinners will be provided by a caterer we hired on the hotel deck, a great setting candlelit, tunes in the air, a great time to bond. On Friday night, we are going back to Mal Pasa beach to have a wonderful BBQ on the beach. It’ll be a full moon, just a very special night.

Is airfare covered in the retreat price?

Because its absolutely high high season, you can expect it to be about $700.

I have arrived in Puerto Vallarta, how do I get to where I need to be?

Sayulita is a 40-minute drive. We will accomodate your travel arrangements and hire some vans. Expect to pay about $40 roundtrip.

What is the weather like?

Mid 80s during the day mid 60s at night

What is included in the retreat?

Yoga classes during the stay, 1 massage, breakfast and smoothies each morning, lunches every day but one allowing you some time to wonder about, and all dinners.
New Years Eve, big private party on the beach, barefoot, fireworks friends and tequila, sounds pretty great right?
We will provide beach towels, so no need to pack them. Beer and wine accompanying dinners.

What are the rooms like?

The Hotelito just completed a new wing, and we have all of the rooms on that side of the hotel. All have A/C and a mini fridge. They are clean and comfortable and really kind of great The wireless is pretty dependable, the hot water present. The rooms vary in size and number of beds; all shared rooms will be limited to 3 people. We are encouraging making this a kids friendly retreat, with a few provisos. Dinners will be adults, with the kids (10 and under) at a different setting. If you prefer to eat with your children that’s cool, we will make the space available.

What if I have a medical emergency?

Sayulita has good medical facilities, and hospital nearby. There are also pharmacies throughout town.

Are yoga mats and props provided?

Hotelito has yoga mats and blocks etc. We still suggest you bring your own mat.

What kind of spa services are available and how much are they?

There will be massages that can be booked, prices are reasonable approximately $50/massage.

Are surf lessons and surfboard/paddle board rentals?

Yes, the beach close by is a known surf spot, about a 10 minute walk. Everything is for rent and lessons are readily available. Not so much on the SUP front, that requires more planning, and we tried it out and do not recommend it.

What time is check in and check out?

1 P.M.

What is Sayulita like.

While the town is somewhat of a tourist town, it is very Mexican. Prices are reasonable, plenty of mass artisan shops and also some local really cool unique artisan shops. Everything is available in town, (a 10 minute walk from the retreat hotel), from bikinis, flip flops, suntan products etc. The town works in Pesos not dollars. There are exchange places all over town with pretty fair exchange rates, and ATM machines that will dispense Pesos. Not all places take charge cards.


Yes, a good idea, but understand this town is super casual, really casual. So, cool loose beachy tropical is all you will need. Anything fancier you will feel out of place. But maybe something a tide nicer for new years eve, barefoot on the beach that’s the theme.

Any incentives for early sign up?

We are keeping the prices as low as possible, so not financially. But if you pay in full during Feb, we will add 2 free massages to the one that comes with the trip. If paid in March, we will add another massage during your stay.

Can I place a deposit to lock up my spot?

We can take a $250 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot through November 1, 2017. Any payments made in full prior to November 15, are refundable except for $250 which is not. Room preferences will be made to those paid in full when paid in full. The free massage offers also only pertains to those paying in full.

If you have any questions send me a note,