Private Yoga

Private sessions are ideal because they are tailored around you! I customize a class to meet your specific goals and abilities. All sessions are designed to bring both strength and flexibility to your body as well as an over-all state of balance to the body and mind. Our work will progress continually so you can see the benefits of your practice. Incorporated are principles of: breathing, Yoga asana, dynamic and static movement, and sequencing. Expect the following:
- Reduced stress
- Eliminate pain
- Increased productivity
- Enhanced energy and stamina
- Improved mental health and well-being
- Achieve a balanced state of body and mind

*All sessions are 60-75 minutes booked in advanced at a time convenient to you. Sessions are in the privacy of your own home or nearby beach/park if preferred. You need only a quiet space large enough for a mat.
*Semi Private and Small Group instruction also available.

Privates Offered

Yoga Therapy

A holistic approach to health for clients dealing with chronic pain, injuries or intense stress. We will adapt the teachings and practices of Yoga to create a specific regimen of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques suited for you to bring you back to health. Included is a 15 minute take home format of our practice to empower you to maintain your well being

Vinyasa Yoga

A combination of breath and movement with attention on Alignment, Pranyama (breath work)and the use of props to get the most out of postures. Session unwind cumulative effects of years of driving, slouching over a computer, and even exercising with poor posture. You will reach levels of strength, flexibility, and balance you didn't think possible.

Restorative Yoga

A gentle style for overworked bodies, those nursing injuries or in need of some nurturing. You will hold passive poses for longer periods of time with support of bolsters, blocks and straps. Deeply relax all the systems of your body to release unnecessary tension in the body and mind so energy is freed up for recovery.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Some of my favorite classes to teach are Corporate Yoga classes! I offer on-site corporate yoga to all types of businesses in the Los Angeles area. I teach anywhere from tech startup offices, to downtown fashion offices, to television and film sets. Employees practice together for a duration of 30-60 minutes either before, during, or post your workday. The classes are curated to whatever the specific needs of your employees and colleagues. They are simple and accessible to all levels regardless of yoga experience or fitness level.

It is scientifically proven that Yoga reduces stress, and creates a more productive work environment. By providing your employees with this invaluable benefit you will relieve unnecessary tension that builds up in the body throughout the day from sitting, standing and working in various positions, boost energy levels and reduce aches and pains that creep up during the day. The practice also works to build community amongst your staff and add harmony to the work environment. It is a wonderful investment into the physical and mental well-being of your staff. Companies like Google, Yahoo, and Disney all invest in wellness programs for their management and staff. Why not you? Show your staff how much you value their work with complimentary Yoga classes!

Benefits of a yoga in the workplace:

- Increased concentration and focus
- Optimize productivity and creativity
- Heightened energy levels
- Reduced musculoskeletal tension and chronic pain
- Decreased tension and anxiety
- Increased workplace morale
Satisfied Customer

"Weekly team yoga with Ivorie has increased our office happiness, decreased our team stress, and quickly become the most looked forward to event of the week. Spending the hour mentally connecting to self while working on our physical flexibility has proven invaluable in growing our self awareness and in turn our business!"

-Lucas Pierce, Partner