When my friend Diana Diaz asked me to be a part of a Yoga initiative for kids I didn't think twice before saying YES, YES, YES! Since that day, over 2 years ago, her idea has bloomed into an inspiring 501(c)(3) non-for-profit called YOUTH YOGA. Youth Yoga exits to empower and inspire teens by giving them yoga and meditation tools and exercises from which they will grow into confident adults and successful members of our society. Youth Yoga is currently a part of the PE curriculum at two LAUSD schools in the underserved communities of East Los Angeles:
       - Abraham Lincoln Senior High
       - Ramona Opportunity Alternative High

In all our programs, our classes are carefully developed to empower teens and kids to lead a healthy life. Our programs are also built to support the pillars of the California Board of Education. Youth Yoga also runs an annual event called Youth Yoga Week. During 5 school days in the spring, LA yoga instructors volunteer their time to teach yoga and meditation to students in several schools around Los Angeles. 

Please contact me if you are a teacher and interested in volunteering your time to teach or if you are an enthusiastic Yogi who would like to be an ambassador.